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 Even Submarines Need Composite Decking
18 Jan 2018
The reaches of composite decking stretch further than you might think. We concentrate on the home improvement side of things, and giving your garden a new lease of life. But if you think that your garden needs a bit of work, think about the deck of a 312 foot long submarine. Turns out the US defence industry is discovering submarines need composite decking too.
The wood on the decks of the USS Croaker and USS Little Rock Submarines are flanked by rotting cedar decking. It is feeling the strain of decades of usage, and accompanying maintenance required. The levels of maintenance were sustainable at the time, because there were people to do it (Little Rock had a 1400 strong crew, whereas a crew of 6 now man the submarine, due to advances in technology).

The decks are in the process of being replaced by a composite variety that many of the crew recognise from their own installations at home chosen due to its durability and low maintenance. This deck is predicted to last around 35 years, with minimal work, therefore allowing the crew more time to do their important work.

The captain himself is remarking on the sheer similarities with the previous deck in terms of appearance, not being able to tell the difference initially.

This is an interesting development for the composite industry, making waves (no pun intended!) not only at home but defending the US from seaborn attack.
If it is good enough for two USS Submarines, why not think about it for your garden Chances are if it can survive all the action at sea over the next 35 years, it can survive the footfall in your oasis at the back of your home.

For advice or questions on any area of Plastideck Composite Decking installation our experts will be glad to assist.

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