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 Composite Decking Where do I start
5 Feb 2018
Welcome to the Decking Superstore website. You're likely here because you are interested in installing composite decking into your garden, and would like to find out some more information. Luckily for you, this article will assume no prior knowledge of composite decking and direct you to the place you can find out more.

What is composite decking?
In its simplest form, composite decking can be described as decking without the maintenance. It is typically manufactured from a combination of wood and plastic, processed to give it a wood-like appearance ( the plastic is from recyclable sources)
Our manufacturer mixes the two main components together to form the composite (normally adding in a pigment or preservative). The mixture is then heated, the components fused together into board-shaped lengths and then cooled. Composite decking is resistant to rot, it doesn't warp or splinter and little to no maintenance is needed. The days of staining, re-painting and re-sealing are over.

Two main types
You can discover more about the types of composite decking but in brief there are two broad categories of hollow and solid, the most cost effective board is the hollow due to less material content over the solid boards. In the past solid boards offered a stronger board but with modern technology this gap has narrowed and solid boards are widely accepted especially into the residential market .

Regardless of which type you choose it needs significantly less maintenance than traditional wood based alternatives (once a year if that) Customers are encouraged to sweep clean the decking with a household cleaner every few months (with soap and water to finish) and deal with stains etc. as soon as they can, to prevent staining.

What's it made of?
There are three broad materials that we manufacture our decking out of Polyethylene and Polypropylene polymers which are then mixed with wood fibres . There is also a PVC and wood alternative.

Factors in choosing composite decking
At the end of the day, composite decking is more expensive than wooden decking, but your garden will thank you for it. Non-wood plastics are a lot more expensive than real wood, as there is little recycled components of the composite.
Most people end up choosing composite decking due their uniformity, as the boards are manufactured from a batch of mixed material, each looks the same as the next. Wooden decking is well known for being high maintenance, particularly when it comes to staining and sealing the boards, after being battered by the elements. Composite decking was developed in response to the need to keep re-staining wooden decking in order to maintain its appearance.

Composite decking is a longer term investment than wood, and although initially more expensive, it will pay off in the long run. There is also virtually no maintenance cost.

Availability of colour
We can offer a choice of colours to match your garden areas.

Hidden fasteners and desired texture
Generally, hidden fasteners allow more flexibility with your decking design than screws which are more restrictive. They are also more aesthetically pleasing and give the decking a smoother look , this is particularly helpful with composite decking, which shrinks and expands with the seasons .

For advice or questions on any area of HDPE Composite Decking installation our experts will be glad to assist.

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