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 Composite Decking Maintenance Best Practices
22 Jan 2018
The key to any maintenance is little and often: with a simple, regular clean you can keep your decking looking its very best. Simple, yet often overlooked tips, like using a stiff broom to sweep off debris, which you could do as often as once a week as part of your routine.

Sadly, no decking is completely maintenance free. Even composite decking is prone to fading and discolouration over time. Extreme sunlight, water and fluctuating temperatures will all take their toll on the wood, if it is not maintained. Some dirt will only be removed through specialist cleaning solutions, all of which we can advise on without problem.

You should always follow the manufacturer cleaning instructions, but generally it will involve applying the solution to the deck with a brush, leaving it to do its thing for a while, then rinsing it off with clean and soapy water.

Even the very best decking cleaner alone will not be able to undo the elements the weather subject your decking to as the year progresses. If repeated exposure to water or fluctuating temperatures is allowed over a long period of time, cracks and weakened wood become more likely. Luckily, you can not only prevent this, but restore the appearance more effectively, by using an appropriate composite decking care product after cleaning - just ask for more details.

You should apply an appropriate deck cleaning solution with a sprayer to kill and surface mould and mildew,A soft bristled brush will help with removing the stubborn stains.

We have previously discussed the reasons for not using a high-pressured pressure washer on the decking, but if you do use it, make sure the nozzle is a minimum of 8 inches from the deck surface. The chemicals in cleaners and power washing soaps can harm or kill nearby shrubbery and plants (another reason to avoid high pressured water) so do ensure that anything nearby to the deck is protected with a plastic sheet. Pressure treated wood still needs to be cleaned and sealed to work against temperature fluctuations and water damage. Plenty of treatment solutions for pressure-treated wood are available from us, just ask.

Anything bleach based, or specifically chlorine bleached, is a big no-no, as it will strip the wood of its natural colour and damage its composite structure. Oxygen based bleach is an all-purpose alternative that will not wash out colours or harm plants.

You should prevent water or temperature damage throughout the year by regularly sweeping away puddles of water, leaves, branches or other mould and algae. During winter, plastic shovels are most effective at clearing snow, rather than metal coated varieties more prone to scratching the surface of the deck. Again, you should check the deck at least somewhat often, for soft or splintered spots, rotten boards etc (even if you can't spot anything, give it a quick once over with a brush and household cleaner, your garden will thank you later).

For advice or questions on any area of we also offer Free Composite Decking Samples to UK based customers.

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